Sunset Hills Vineyard LLC     38295 Fremont Overlook Lane, Purcellville Virginia     540 882 4560       Map
Hours of Operation: Monday - Thursday  Noon - 5:00pm
Friday - Sunday   Noon - 6:00pm

Winemaking Philosophy: Handcrafting from Start to Finish

Our winemaking and vineyard management philosophies are based on creating wines with a unique sense of place in time. Because our grapevines are constantly growing and evolving, and the seasons are never the same one year to the next, we continually adapt and learn in order to produce the highest quality wines. We react to the conditions of each year, apply our decade of experience with these vines, and nudge them in the most suitable direction.


What this means in the vineyard is that we continually evaluate weather conditions to balance vine vigor and the quantity of grapes on each and every vine. We intentionally reduce crop quantity in order to maximize quality. We hand pick unwanted leaves, clusters shading adjacent clusters and even individual grapes that has signs of damage. We respond to the weather, the sunlight, the vineyard and each individual vine.


From vine to wine, the grapes at Sunset Hills pass a set of hands and eyes a minimum of fifteen times. They are hand tended, handpicked and hand sorted to ensure only the best grapes end up in the bottle. This obsession with quality produces some of the best wines you'll taste in DC's Wine Country and beyond, including international award winners.


Nate Walsh, Winemaker & Vineyard Manager